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Miguel Gonzalez

(831) 737-3091

"I know the price of SUCCESS: DEDICATION, HARD WORK and an UNREMITTING DEVOTION to the things you want to see happen."

I believe that a lot of who I am in my business today is a result of being able to overcome my own obstacles: being overweight, feeling frustration when I wasn't able to do well in sports (due to my severe knee injury) and having to deal with the depression that came along with that.

I had no clue where my life was headed, but I knew that I had a passion for health, fitness, and sport. I also knew I had the determination necessary to make changes to my life so that I could pursue my passion.

Even though I was not able to train and compete like I could before my injury, I was able to take my passion for sports on a different path-- the path of Nutrition and Personal Fitness. The National Personal Training Institution gave me the base to the education I needed to be successful and I haven't looked back since.

Thanks to my will to overcome my obstacles and the journey I encountered through fitness and nutrition I have been ReBorn into the person I am now. Fitness is may passion! My goal as a trainer is to help people feel themselves become ReBorn into a new, mentally and physically, healthy individual. I am thankful to be living and working my passion daily and I encourage everyone to do them same

Metabolic Training/Fat Loss
Athletic Training
HIIT Training
Functional Training

NPTI Graduate
Nutritional Certification (NPTI)

Three years as trainer at Reborn Fit (2013-Present)
500 hours of hands on training at NPTI (2013)
West Sacramento Cross-fit (2013)
Game Fit Sacramento (2013)